October in Maryland and Gettysburg

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so I finally upgraded my point and shoot, after being frustrated with dust on the CCD of my old Lumix. I purchased  another Lumix, the Panasonic TS2. so dustproof,waterproof,and shockproof. hopefully this one will last me. so far I like it. so here are a few shots from my first week of testing it out. this was the week of our Gettysburg moped rally too. thus the content.


Antique Still Life. January 2010

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This is my most recent set of antique still life photos. The Idea is: photos that share an old style “painted still life” feel to them. three are in tweaked gold tritone. and most are long exposures with evening light.

Ye Olde Portraits (round one) January 2010

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for a while I’ve been wanting to do a series of old 1800’s style portraits. in the style of Mathew Brady or other antique studio portraits. I’ve always loved antique photos and get a lot of inspiration for still life from them. this is the first test set. more of a rough draft. I had the subject (Matt Lippy) come dressed his best, and set up an old style studio setting in my living room. This is going to be a long running project as I collect more antique clothes and stuff. I decided on a gold tritone for two of these but I’m pretty sure the final idea will be just black and white.

Still Life (Hourglass)

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I did some test laps with the old school White Lightning strobe I picked up. I used a coffee press hourglass as my subject, and pulled an old piece of table out of the closet. I didn’t clean it to keep the dry wear for texture.

And it snowed for forty days and forty nights.

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Baltimore got a few feet of snow. So its inside time for Chris & Friends

NYC December 2009

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Right before the new year a friend and I went to New York for a few days. we laughed, we cried, we spent 6 hours in B&H.

Hi, and welcome to the Chris Corner.

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This is a little place where I can post up recent projects, test shots, snapshots, experiments etc. Hope its all fun to look at.